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LN-SH04U5440-BL, LANDE, 4U 19“ SOHO шкаф 540x400mm черен, Комуникационен шкаф (rack)
  • LN-SH04U5440-BL, LANDE, 4U 19“ SOHO шкаф 540x400mm черен, Комуникационен шкаф (rack)
  • LN-SH04U5440-BL, LANDE, 4U 19“ SOHO шкаф 540x400mm черен, Комуникационен шкаф (rack)

LANDE, 4U 19“ SOHO шкаф 540x400mm черен

158,76 лв.
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Комуникационен шкаф (rack) за стена LANDE, 4U 19“ SOHO шкаф 540x400mm черен



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Framework- Top/Bottom Cases:
Multi Folded Automated Bending technology applied framework
and top/bottom cases, provides a heavy duty structure results to
high load capacity of: 80 kgs on wall nominal way.
Monoblock multi folded top and bottom cases resulted to a very
heavy construction, tightly fixed to the framework with fixing
hardware , fully modular system generated. Top case has a
punched/vented Forced Ventilation (Fan Module) integration
A ready Fan Module can be integrated or just single Fan could be
assembled directly. In case less heat load occures inside the
cabinet than vented top case discharges the hot air via convection
Top case integrated with a brushed cable entry point with
w:145mmxd:70mm size allows proper cabling insertion as well
preventing the dust entry.
Bottom case integrated with a PVC Gland plate
In case of cables to be inserted from bottom case, the brushed
cable entry and PVC gland plate could be replacing each other.
The full length smoked, shatterproof, antistatic, 4,0mm thickness
glass with single point locking barrel lock is standard shipping
Solid Metal door is available upon request, please see front door
variations at page 80,83.
Front door openning direction is set right to left, but reversible to
left to right at site with removing the hinge system. Hinge
System is  channel type with screws.
The NETbox SOHO Network cabinet has a feature of
integration with Caster group or PVC leveling feet group.
NETbox Soho Network wall mounting cabinets can be used as
underdesk or free standing purpose with this feature.
Please see detailed description in accesorry section.
Part numbers to order:
       LN-ZMN-TKR-5020-XX for Caster Group Set
       LN-ZMN-PNY-1040-XX for PVC Leveling Feet Group Set
NETbox  SOHO Network Wall cabinets has sticky colour
changing thermometer, range 20 to 40 C as an accessory.
Available / Stocked  Color of NETbox SOHO Network Wall
cabinets are in RAL 7035 Light Grey, incase of Black RAL 9005
color product needed, coordinate with sales department

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