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NEGS Ltd is a leading provider of network technology and electrical components.
Registered VAT Number: BG131128305 - Bulgaria.

Our expertise ranges from structure cabling using high-end products for data centers, enterprises and industrial environments to custom developments for individual clients.
We recognize that physical, electrical and network infrastructure is more important than ever. Our vision is to support our customers in the design, development and deployment of infrastructure solutions.

Some facts about us:
We were founded in 2003;
We have customers in every Bulgarian town;
We have a 1800 sq m warehouse at our main office and additional warehouses at our branch offices - Varna and Bourgas in order to immediately serve the needs of our clients;
We deliver full service to our clients including transport with our own vehicles.
We have more than 10 international partners and we are proud with our long term relations with them:

  • PANDUIT – leading provider of network and electrical solutions;
  • LANDE – manufacturer of cabinets and accessories; MMConecta
  • Plumettaz S.A. – the world leading producer of cable jetting, puling and floating machines;
  • MMConecta – manufacturer of telecommunication solutions and workplace environments;
  • UNEX – manufacturer of plastic materials;
  • JSL – manufacturer of workplace solutions and electrical components;
  • OpenetICS – Spanish provider of network solutions;
  • Assmann Electronic  – German provider of network solutions;
  • EFB Elektronik – German provider of network solutions;
  • BKT Elektronik – cable manufacturer;
  • TELDOR – cable manufacturer;
  • Digital Data Communications;
  • IC Intracom;
  • Ospel – Polish producer of electrical sockets;
  • BASOR – producer of metal trays.

Additional brands and partners:

  • LAVA Cast Iron – Cast iron products

You can find us:

NEGS Ltd. - Main Office
telephone: +З59 2 4918 844; +З59 2 9549 789; +З59 2 9549 261; +З59 2 9549 271;
Bulgaria, Sofia - 1330, 151 "Nikola Mushanov" Blvd.,
e-mail: [email protected]
NEGS Ltd. - Varna
telephone: +359 52 919 084; +359 52 613 073;
Bulgaria, Varna - 9000, 66-4 "Prilep" Str.,
e-mail: [email protected]
NEGS Ltd. - Bourgas
telephone: +З59 56 919 084; +З59 884 301 285;
Bulgaria, Bourgas - 8008, Severna Promishlena zona, Logistic center MADIKA, sklad 4,
e-mail: [email protected]
open hours: 9:00 - 17:30, Monday - Friday

or on our web site and email:


[email protected]